HCC Stafford Learning Hub and Classrooms

HCC Stafford Learning Hub and Classrooms
Stafford, Texas   2010

The designer chose terrazzo for this project with the expectation that the floors would endure the test of time. Along with being beautiful, durable and adaptive, the material process is extremely respectful to the environment, a priority for the architect. The Houston Community College System had used terrazzo on other projects and was impressed by its ease of maintenance and performance. Though seemingly simplistic at first sight, The Learning Hub floor pattern is a complex composition that utilizes geometric shapes of different scales and proportions influenced by the footprint of the building. To create an additional dimension, the composition incorporates saturated accents that cue from surrounding jewel tones and introduce color to the cool neutral color palette. The 14,000 square feet of sand cushion terrazzo utilized nine colors. Terrazzo provided the flexibility to achieve the designer’s intent – to create a cohesive space offering elegant variety with seamless transitions.

Hermes Architects
Houston, Texas

Hermes Architects
Houston, Texas

Terrazzo Contractor
Southern Tile & Terrazzo Co., Inc.
Houston, Texas

General Contractor
Miner-Dederick Construction, LLP
Houston, Texas

Houston Community College System
Houston, Texas

Resin/Cement Supplier
Lehigh Portland Cement Co.
Waco, Texas
Key Resin Company
Batavia, Ohio

Chip Suppliers
Terrazzo & Marble Supply Company
Wheeling, Illinois
Continental Terrazzo Supply, Inc.
Houston, Texas

Chip Producers
Heritage Glass, Inc.
Smithfield, Utah

Texas Architectural Aggregate
San Saba, Texas

Cactus Canyon Quarries
Marble Falls, Texas

Southern Aggregates
Staley, North Carolina

Fribel International
Alameda, California

Divider Strip Supplier
Manhattan American Terrazzo Strip Company
Staley, North Carolina

Precast Steps
Precast Terrazzo Enterprises, Inc.
Raleigh, North Carolina