Sand Cushion Terrazzo

Sand-Cushion-PictureSand Cushion Terrazzo


A cement matrix topping underbed with wire reinforcing, isolation sheet, and sand layer system for interior floor use. This is the best cement system.

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Due to the underbed’s depth, wire mesh reinforcing, isolation sheeting and sand layer it will absorb minor substrate defects and prevent mirroring to the surface.

Thickness: 2.5″ to 3″ including a .5″ terrazzo topping.

Weight: 25-30 lbs. PSF.


The position of divider strips is essential to performance, serving a dual function: a control for anticipated contraction and an aesthetic enhancement in separating colors. 5 feet or less on centers. Architects should design structural inset expansion plates between areas where major movement is anticipated.

Note: The standard finish on terrazzo is an 80 grit carborundum polish. When used in conjunction with a U/L listed “slip resistant” seal.