Spring Branch Elementary School

Spring Branch Elementary School
Houston, TX 2012

Terrazzo was selected for its durability and capacity for intricate design on this impressive installation of sand cushion terrazzo.  This LEED-certified project orchestrated 18 different colors of terrazzo with 22 different types of aggregate. Designed to serve as a teaching tool, the floor depicts historical community events through maps and timelines and represents local geography along with words of inspiration.

Bay-IBI Group
Webster, TX

Aggregate Suppliers:
American Specialty Glass
Cactus Canyon Quarries
Continental Terrazzo Supply
Enviroglas Products
Justice Products
Terrazzo & Marble Supply
Texas Architectural Aggregate

Terrazzo Contractor:
Southern Tile & Terrazzo Co., Inc.
Houston, TX

General Contractor:
Purcell Construction
Humble, TX

Spring Branch Independent
School District
Houston, TX

Divider Strip Supplier:
Manhattan American Terrazzo
Strip Company

Photos by Mark Dean