University of Texas Student Activity Center

University of Texas Student Activity Center
Austin, TX 2012

When stained concrete was originally specified for the new 150,000 square foot student activity center, the owner quickly demanded terrazzo in the 20,000 square feet of public space because of its aesthetic value, ease of maintenance and durability.  Public seating areas incorporate 1,000 square feet of poured-in-place terrazzo benches and walls that created a work space environment.  Dimension for the vertical surfaces ranged in height from 4 to 6 feet.  The addition of the benches and workspaces added to the classic presentation of the terrazzo floor.

Overland Partners Architects
San Antonio, TX

Resin Supplier:
Terroxy Resin Systems

Terrazzo Contractor:
American Terrazzo Company, Ltd. Garland, TX

Aggregate Supplier:
Cactus Canyon Quarries

General Contractor:
SpawGlass Contractors, Inc.
Austin, TX

Precast Product Supplier:
American Terrazzo Company, Ltd.

The University of Texas
Austin, TX

Divider Strip Supplier:
Manhattan American Terrazzo
Strip Company

Photos courtesy of
American Terrazzo Company, Ltd.